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Take a bite today! 

My name is Chloe and I love to spend my free time in the kitchen!

I decided to share my sweets with the world, and I bring you Chloe's Cloud Crispies! These snack squares are a little slice of nostalgia with a very decadent twist! I got the idea of making these squares when I grew bored of baking cookies, a my boyfriend challenged me to make the infamous "Rice Crispies".​

Baking isn't my only hobby: I really enjoy weather forecasting and nature photography. Combine the fluffy marshmallow texture of my Crispies with the appealing visuals of clouds, and my brand became iconic: Cloud Crispies! 

Why the name "Cloud Crispies"?

They are called Cloud Crispies for many reasons: these taste light, fluffy, and absolutely DREAMY! Also, I'm just a nerdy weather girl who loves to photograph the sky.


Combining the themes of clouds and sweets creates Cloud Crispies!

Lets Talk Flavors

The flavor profiles are all about cookies!


I took my favoriste cookie ingredients, and merged them with the marshmallow and rice cereal palate

Cloud Crispies take on a snickerdoodle profile in my cinnamon roll flavor. The popular Chocolate cookie is familiarized in my cookie dough flavor. 

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